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A 'questionnaire' system that goes just that little bit further....
Input/scores are collected cumulative over a period of time in which multiple questionnaires may be sent out based on a predefined schedule. Supervisors and administrators get the results in customizable graphs and tables. Questionnaires may be taken anonymouslye as well as named (both will be guarded against filling our more than once).

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A java based application for playing correspondance chess. Your moves will be sent in the format specified by the IECC. It will not calculate any moves for you, but it will let you know which opening you're playing (if known to the application).


A Windows desktop application (yes they still exist) for merging audiobook CDs into 1 single CD. Rip your CDs with applications/systems like MediaPlayer, and drag them all into AudioMerge. Out will come 1 folder with all tracks neatly renamed and their properties amended, nicely ordered. You can then burn it to a CD with your favorite burning program. This makes it easier to listen to stories in the car.


Our combined work as a private business, as well as under regular employment, comprises of many applications in various industries. This ranges from banking and insurences to telecoms and manufacturing, in the Netherlands, England/Britain and the United States.

A small collection of our work follows.

Property appraisals

Appraisors, bankers and appraisal experts working together on multi-million projects.

Cost calculations

Centralized system for worldwide budgeting and calculating actuals on a monthly basis using a global cost calculation methodology.

Cable design

CAD system for designing cables (fiber, high-voltage, earth, aerial) and calculating their properties.


Spatial calculations (research + development) to enhance the basic libraries of Kinect version 2.


An intranet application for administering budget information and planning for subsequent years.

Reduced working hours

Internet application for companies to apply for recuded working hours in case of calamities.

Internet Personalisation (patented)

A framework for providing personalisation internet wide. One account for the whole internet.

Personal Development Plan

Distributed Excel application for managing personal development related information

Performance Management

Distributed Excel application for managing performance related information

HR Cockpit

HR related tabular data and graphs, pulling data from mulitple systems

Contract Management

Building and maintaining contracts from small building blocks.

Unified Communications Platform

All communication channels converged into one.


A platform for an integrated view of multiple security cameras.

Competence administration

This includes selectors and dashboard facilities.

System Administrators' automation

Automation tool for System Administrators.